Fallout is a series of video games set in a post-apocalyptic future.

The Fallout Series



A game in where you play as a guy/gal trying to find a water chip. (SPOILER ALERT) You get kicked out of your Vault for being too awesome
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Fallout 2

You play as a loin cloth wearing tribal trying to find a magical McGuffin. (SPOILER ALERT) You blow up the last remnants of American Civilization
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Fallout 3

You play as Mad Ma..... I mean the Lone Wanderer. Your quest is to give clean water to everyone. (SPOILER ALERT) You die (Unless you buy the Broken Steel DLC)
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Fallout: New Vegas

You get shot in the head. (SPOILER ALERT) You can take over Vegas and the surrounding regions, bring on the hookers!
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Fallout 4

Boston. (SPOILER ALERT) It ain't done yet.

Todd Howard

Todd Howard is the sexiest man alive. He is the lead developer of the Fallout series, starting with Fallout 3.


  • Fallout has been mentioned on the podcast many times. TJ has stated that New Vegas is his favorite game of all time, because of it being objectively superior to 3.
  • TJ has done a Let's Play of Fallout New Vegas. It has four parts, and was posted about 2 years ago. [1]


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