Faded Holy Soldier, more commonly known as the "Get the Fuck Outta Here" Guy, is a retarded asshole on the streets who will respect any position unless if it's atheism or evolution.


Episode 60

He was first featured on Episode 60 of the Drunken Peasants where he was talking about how the pharmaceutical companies are evil and why evolution is bullshit and just a silly theory where scientists just take dinosaur bones and say it's from the "Jurassic Park" Period. He claimed that this would be his last response video to evilutionists.

Episode 63

He then reappeared on the 63rd Episode and showed 14 repetitive Christian arguments that somehow prove the existence of God. How's that for keeping his word? Despite being a Christian, he sure has a knack for saying "get the fuck outta here" at the end of each sentence.

Episode 170

He eventually returned on the 170th episode of the DP, where he read Craigslist-style questions and responding in the style of a man with a -700 IQ. The entire cast of DP was suicidal due to his incomprehensible stupidity.


  • "Cock-in-balls, stupid fat-fucken-face..." - The best insult ever!
  • "Evilution is a joke." - His thoughts on one of the biggest scientific theories.
  • "Fuck Atheism!" - That's not very Christian of him.
  • "Atheist are Cyberbullies." - His brilliant deduction.
  • "Being an Atheist now is the in thing." - His thoughts on atheism. Please discount polls saying half of the American population does not want their offspring to marry an atheist and shit, please.
  • "Atheists like to use large vocabulary to describe their silly theories." - As large vocabulary is too challenging for creationists.
  • "They came from the triceric period or the Jurassic Park Period." - His understanding of paleontology.


  • TJ said that he and G Man would get along beside the whole cussing thing.
  • He is the millionth creationist to say evolution isn't science.
  • His evidence for why medicine is bad is because he took natural herbs that cured his kidney stones, even though you would have to pass the kidney stones to get rid of them.
  • Almost every time Ben pauses his videos, he makes the most retarded faces of all time.
  • Faded Holy Soldier will die at the age of 50 because he'd rather take stupid herb shit over actual effective medicine.
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