Facebook is a popular social media website that thieves viewership from YouTube in order to collect more ad revenue. It is the unholy domain of Joshua Feuerstein and several other evangelical twats . Some Drunken Peasants Fans have created a Facebook Fan Club. The Peasants themselves have a Facebook page where videos and fan art can be submitted to them.[1]

Censorship Tactics

The resident cuntstain CEO, Sheryl Sandberg, decided to once again silence the so-called discrimination against Islam. She stated that Facebook will systematically censor all the assholes who are against harboring Syrian refugees. Assholes they may be, but censorship is the tactic of a coward.[2]

Thievery and Freebooting

Facebook free boats videos from content creators on YouTube and accumulates ad revenue off of them. They keep all the money for themselves and do not share with the original content creators.


  • Facebook is a popular hangout for retarded teenagers and old people (40+) who think they're hip.
  • The DP Wiki has a Facebook page that we barely never use.[3]
  • Facebook is essentially a dumbed-down version of MySpace.
  • It has the lowest concentration of Social Justice Warriors out of all the social media websites.


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