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Eternal Undying Love is a gothic-themed book written by Brett Keane. It was released on May 1st, 2004. Apparently, Brett wasn't going to release this book, but Dorn convinced him to do it. It has shitty grammar.

Amazon reviews

5 stars, "Eternally brilliant"

"This book is excellent, a true masterpiece. The characters are great, very scary, even the good ones, because in this epic battle, you are never really sure just who is the bad guy. An excellent read which leaves you wanting more, but fortunately, Brett Keane has written part two. Angela Hooper, author of "In Dark Minds", [...]" - A. HOOPER

5 stars, "Wonderful Work!"

"I was very impressed with the emotional impact of the story.

Gritty, gripping, convincing the reader that you're right there within the story. I cannot wait to read more from Mr. Keane.

The characters need a little more description, but I was pleased with the overall theme.

If you want to buy a book full of the intrigue and suspence?

Undying Eternal Love is the one to get" - LionsBlade

5 stars, "Captivating"

"I will admit, this is not my first choice when it comes to reading books. But I loved this book. Truly amazing, how Mr Keane, can make you feel as though you are in Quiet Meadows as it is all taking place. The battle between Heaven and Hell is about to begin. Will love win out in the end? Will Good win over Evil? Will Satan win the final battle?

For answers, buy this book and pull up a chair, and be transported to Quiet Meadows as it all is taking place." - CraziedKittyKat

5 stars, "Intense reading, with no let down."

"This book will send anyone to the moon. The character developement and movement of the story line will have you feen'in for more. Go out and buy this one, but do not forget to purchase the rest of the story followed up in this fine series of cosmic war between good and evil." - dafire

1 star, "Writing at the sixth-grade level"

"I bought a copy of this book through Amazon. The writing is extremely poor. This "author" doesn't even know how to divide text into paragraphs, so he inserts blank lines, right in the middle of sentences, to create the appearance of paragraphs on the page. That's how bad it is." - Doug Jones

You can find the rest of the reviews here.

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