Eskimos, also known as The Supreme Race, are an oppressed group of minorities that remain relevant only when fat, racist assholes degrade them. What these bigots don't realize is that Eskimos are savages and are currently making their way down to Ohio to shove a spear up their oppressor's ass.

To be fair, many Inuit communities were annexed by Canada, so I'd say they're actually doing quite well given the circumstances.


Eskimos live in arctic tundras where they can bone polar bears in solitude. They live in plastic igloos with heaters. If these Inuit assholes haven't already gone extinct, then there's only about 14.3 left in existence. They can be found in Antarctica and Michigan wishing that they belonged to a different ethnic group. 

SJW Wet Dream

SJWs such as Ryan Wiley have a massive boner for Eskimos because they are so oppressed and embody the helpless little community of darkies for the SJWs to stroke their Savior complexes to. As usual, the Eskimos never get anything besides Tumblr pity.

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