Eric Hovind is the son of Cunt Hovind. He is just as bad if not worse than his father. He has worked on various creationist projects such as Godonomics and the Creation Today show.

He spends his time spreading lies and poisoning the minds of fundamentalists with filth, like how atheism is what led to Robin Williams committing suicide. Occasionally he is mentioned on the show and a video or two of him has made it onto the show.


He once spent several minutes trying to explain to "The Red Atheist" (TJ's totally undoctored, ancient video) what context was.  


"ATHEIST LOGIC: This pile of wood will slowly evolve into a gorgeous grandfather clock with intricate designs and fully-functioning gears. Just give it time. Lots and LOTS of time..." [1]

"Coal does not form under normal conditions. Plants have to be buried and then turn into coal. How would you get coal seams hundreds of feet thick with the 'millions of years' analogy? It doesn't happen. In a forest the vegetation that dies turns back into dirt, it does not turn into coal. Think about the implications here!" [2]

"If it takes a lot of REALLY intelligent scientists YEARS of study and millions of dollars worth of equipment to be able to MODIFY the gene code of the lowly mosquito, why can’t these same people see that the One who WROTE the original code and CREATED the incredibly complex insect was REALLY SMART? How can anyone with one eye and half a brain believe the mosquito (or any living organism) evolved by chance over billions of years? II Peter 3 hits it right on the head. The scoffers are WILLINGLY IGNORANT. Like a friend of mine said one time, 'They had to have help to be that stupid. They could never have done it on their own!'" [3]


  • He praised the defense of a child molester [4].
  • He may have been trying to keep his father in prison.
  • His father is a scumbag, and even Eric knows it.
  • A sixth grader once defeated him in a discussion.
  • He has worked with VenomFangX to fund their ambitious project Genesis 3D.


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