Episode 95 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. This episode was devoted exclusively to a planned debate between Dr. Jean-Francois Gariepy and Brian Young. It featured a pretty standard structure: each side got an introduction, followed by questions from the hosts, and an ending with a conclusion.

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  • Guest appearances from Brian Young and Jean-Francois
  • A debate about evolution and some other shit

Part 1

The peasants started this episode by talking about some shit then they began talking about Jean-Francois and Brian Young. They then proceeded to introduce Brian and JF.

The Debate

Once they've made their introduction, Jean-Francois and Brian Young immediately moved into the debate about evolution, science, natural history, and Biblical stories. TJ asked questions about the Bible, science, religion, and bananas.

Brian's Presentation

Brian Young prepared a slideshow containing a bunch of shit regarding his background and knowledge. It was just a lot of Jesus stuff and other creationist fundamentalist.

Jean-Francois' Presentation

JF provided a fundamental basis for the evolutionary theory with scientific facts and God-hatred to back it up. He seemed to be the more logical one in the debate.

Part 2: Results

G Man obviously won the debate. But seriously though, JF destroyed all of his creationist arguments and ripped that bitch’s asshole apart. After wrapping up the debate, JF and the peasants moved into the post-show.


  • The appendix might not be a completely useless organ for it could've served as a safe haven for useful bacteria that combat diarrhea or other large intestine infections.
  • G Man won the debate by a landslide


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