Episode 90 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. This episode features the guest appearance of Kyle Kulinski from Secular Talk.

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  • The debut guest appearance of Kyle Kulinski
  • The stupidity of Ann Coulter
  • Kyle, Ben, and TJ explaining the origins of ISIS (2:16:44)

Start of The Show

The Drunken Peasants started the show by introducing their guest, Kyle Kulinski. Then, they started talking about Kyle's show's origins and about political ideologies, social issues, and religion.

Kyle and the peasants went into the Troll or Not a Troll Segment where some people claimed that God has sent a flood down to smite the people of their own town. They watched a news story about cops falsely accusing an old couple of stealing a classic car, and the cops forced them do a bunch of absurd and degrading actions. Then, John Boehner started saying some shit about DHS funding. Next, Ann Cuntler questions Obama's patriotism.

Middle of The Show

Kyle and the peasants watched a video from Right Wing Watch where Ted Cruz gives a speech about typical Republican Bullshit at CPAC. Then, a Republican Senator, Jim Inhofe denies climate change, because he's able to demonstrate that there is snow. They watched a CNN news report about the legalization of marijuana in Washington DC. They watched a video from Right Wing Watch where an idiot states why marijuana is bad.

End of The Show

The peasants watched a news report about a Texas judge who blocked Obama's immigration act. Then, they watched a news story about ISIS terrorizing villages and destroying museums.

They then moved into the Q&A Segment and answered a few questions.


  • "The overwhelming majority of the science denial is on the Right (wing)" -Kyle
  • "American police are kinda like Creationists; they don't need evidence" -TJ



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