Episode 88 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. This episode features a guest appearance from Adam Kokesh.

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 Part 1

The Drunken Peasants started the show by introducing their guest, Adam Kokesh. Adam and the peasants talked about entertainment, religion, atheism, and politics at the start of the show.

Then, TJ and Adam Kokesh started debating about politics, government intervention, justice systems, and taxation. Adam is anti-government, anti-taxation, and anti-regulation. He even compared government taxation to a mugger pointing a gun at you demanding your wallet. In conclusion, Adam thinks all government is bad and so TJ crushed him in this debate.

Next, they proceeded to discuss Adam's incident on Fox News where Dr. Drew deliberately silenced Adam's mic because he said something that Drew didn't like. They watched a news story about Jesse Ventura's lawsuit against Chris Kyle and his widow. They then watched a video from Prager "University" talking about why the world is a better place because of America's armed forces. After that, they watched a news story about a cop warning other cops to turn off the dash-cam while beating some guy up.

Part 2

The peasants watched a video by StateofDaniel giving some bullshit reasons to believe in God; he regurgitates the same arguments made by God-Believers. Then, Russel Brand started comparing the Copenhagen attacks with the Chapel Hill shootings. Then, they watched a news story about a devout Christian boy who murdered his own family because they took away his computer. They then took a break.

Part 3

After the break, Adam and the peasants watched an absurd video by a Sonic enthusiast who got angry because people dared to make criticisms against Sonic the hedgehog or some shit; they tried to determine whether this Sonic enthusiast was a troll or not.

They immediately proceeded into the Q&A Segment and answered some fucking questions after that. Then, Anthony Fantano exposed Scotty for being an Islamic Terrorist.


  • "There's a false dichotomy where it's like: oh well it's either free market or it's not. I mean free market is a gradient." -TJ
  • "If seeking the truth damages you, then we live in a pretty sorry world, don't we?" -Jesse Ventura's response to the News Anchor who asked if pursuing a lawsuit against a widow damaged his reputation
  • "You're a public figure; people are going to misrepresent what you say all the time" -Adam Kokesh
  • "I also love the Resident Evil movies despite the fact that they're terrible" -TJ


  • Adam Kokesh is a libertarian atheist
  • Adam appears to be very delusional about how governments work but regardless, he seems like a pretty cool guy
  • StateofDaniel is dumb as shit


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