Episode 86 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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  • Tim Black Vs. Drunken Peasants
  • Scotty chokes TJ once more (0:53:41)
  • Anthony Fantano remix (1:15:20)

 Part 1

The peasants started the show by talking about who is garbage and who is trash. They also talked about their mystery guest for the next show. Then, they talked about their Drunken Peasants hoodies.

They then watched a video by some guy who got upset because people online ridiculed him for wearing a fedora. The Drunken Peasants tried to determine whether or not that guy is a troll, setting a precursor to the "Troll or Not a Troll" Segment.

They watched a response video towards the Drunken Peasants by Tim Black regarding the Chapel Hill Shooting. Next, a guy called Chlorophyll Man challenges TJ to a fight. Then, they watched a trailer for a movie about Gail Chord Schuler. After that, Stefan Molyneux started talking some bullshit about marriage.

Part 2

The peasants watched a video from Right Wing Watch starring Bryan Fischer talking about why Hillary Clinton disappeared from the Public Eye. They watched a video of Anthony Fantano "being a racist lunatic." They watched a video by Brett Keane comparing atheists to rapists just because many atheists support the right for women to choose to undergo abortion.

After Brett's retarded situation, they watched a video by some moronic girl from the "Christians Against Dinosaurs" organization who claims that dinosaur fossils are fake. They watched a video of a fat Pastor yelling about some shit against homosexuals. They then watched a news story about a little boy who claimed that he had a past life.

Next, they watched a news story about how Gary Glitter got busted for pedophilia. They then watched a CNN report about how the same Police Chief who accidentally shot his own wife tried to hire a hit-man behind bars to kill his prosecutor.

Part 3

After watching those news stories, the Drunken Peasants moved into the Q&A Segment and answered some questions. They ended the show after that.


  • "You're a piece of shit Anthony" -TJ
  • "Kill all the retards, start with Brett Keane and his family" -TJ attacking Brett and his family
  • "Every human should just be dead" -Scotty proving that all atheists are evil
  • "I don't care what the Bible says either; you can shove your Bible up your big fat fucking ass" -TJ responding to the pastor who bashed homosexuals


  • TJ is garbage. Scotty is Trash. Ben is Mid-90s Kevin Nash. IT FUCKING RHYMES!
  • Stefan Molyneux is intellectually inept and he is also full of shit


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