Episode 81 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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  • The return of the Beast
  • Redneck impressions (1:40:46)

 Part 1

The peasants started the show by talking about some shit. The first video they played is from Gail Chord Schuler, in her video she states that Zack Knight often sabotages her orgasms when she engages in sexual intercourse with Brent Spiner. Then, they watched a video by a fat lady with swimming goggles claiming that Gail Chord Schuler is a secret FBI agent.

Next, they watched a video by Jenny McDermott in which she plays the victim card just because she didn't receive adequate respect from the atheist community and got "attacked" by some trolls. Then, a little kid yells angrily at his mother for being an atheist, that little kid sounds like a white G Man.

After that, they watched a video explaining why NFL is an Illuminati entity or some shit.

Part 2

The peasants watched The Vigilant Christian explain why the Super Bowl Halftime is Satanic and Illuminati. Then, they watched a video explaining why Obama was involved with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Then, they watched a video from the Wretched show responding to the atheists who use the arbitrary Old Testament laws to discredit Christianity.

Next, Joseph8276 (aka, the Beast) started rambling about some shit like "old school is better than new school". After that, they watched a video from StateofDaniel in which he says he's ready for Hillary Clinton, the peasants watched a Sarah Palin speech after. Nancy Grace then debates herself on the subject of marijuana. They then moved into the News Segment.

They watched a news story about a Texas school forcing students to show their buttholes to school staff. Then, a panel of morons on Fox News started bitching about Muslim prayer in a University. They took a break.

Part 3

The Drunken Peasants returned from the break and immediately headed into the Q&A Segment to answer some motherfucking questions.


  • "Don't fuck with me TJ!" -Scotty
  • "This is just garbage; this is just ramblings of a lunatic at this point" -Scotty talking about Gail's videos
  • "Don't! Fuck! with da BEAST!" -Scotty


  • Jenny McDermott is a vapid bitch
  • TJ watches the NFL so that he can look at the players' asses, hence why he goes to see the games with a blanket and a box of tissues; because of this, Scotty can never look at American Football the same way again.


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