Episode 80 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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  • Two guest appearances
  • Some dumb ads

 Part 1

The peasants started the show by talking about the Chat Room and some other shit. They then invited a British guest called Mike on the show. The first video they played is a compilation of the "Why are you stalking me" lady. Next, they watched a video from PragerU explaining why a small government is better than a big government. Then, a Christian woman interrupts a speaker at a Muslim rally in Texas.

Part 2

The peasants watched a shitty Brett Keane video talking about why non-believers stalk Gord-believers like him. After that, Gail Chord Schuler read some comments left on her YouTube channel and Google+ by Brent Spiner, Brent's clone, and Zack Knight.

Then, they watched a video by Brother Nathanael in which this reprehensible scumbag denies the Holocaust. Next, they watched a video giving some bullshit reasons to quit doing weed, the guy who made this video thought the Brain is a muscle.

Part 3

After the break, the peasants introduced a guest from Canada. They then headed into the Stupid Ad Segment and watched some stupid ads.

Stupid Ad Segment

  1. The first ad was for a hat with a fan mounted on it.
  2. The 2nd ad was for a pair glasses that allows you to see at a 90 degree angle.
  3. Ad Number 3 was for a vest that plays music.
  4. Ad #4 was for a Plug-in Amish Fireplace
  5. The fifth ad is for a spray-on hair
  6. The 6th ad is for a vacuum haircut device
  7. The 7th ad is for a ridiculous drape that covers your face and your monitor so that it could protect your privacy.
  8. The eighth ad is for a baby doll from Ireland with a "pee pee" that pisses all over the place.
  9. The 9th ad is for the mattress gun rack
  10. The tenth ad is a hilarious commercial from Australia for a deck maintenance utility.


  • "All you damn foreigners sound the same to me!" -TJ's redneck impression
  • "Uhhh.... God.... Your horrible breath" -Scotty after smelling TJ's breath


  • Brett Keane is a hypocrite and a cretinous twat
  • Texas is a shitty state


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