Episode 77 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. It featured The Beast's debut.

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  • TJ admits he totally wants to fuck animals.
  • The Beast makes his glorious debut.
  • TJ and Anthony Fantano talk about Marilyn Manson and his new album.
  • Three Jaclyn response videos in a row!

Videos Played

  1. The Amazing Atheist accused of condoning bestiality (not found)
  2. The problem with girls and what they should do
  3. The Ten Commandments: Introduction
  4. @JaclynGlenn #JaclynGlenn #atheist #atheism #secular song #freespeech
  5. Brett Keane's response to Jaclyn Glenn (not found)
  6. Vigilant Christian's response to Jaclyn Glenn (Not found)
  7. Shirtless loser complaining about women being useless and stupid (not found)
  8. Saudi Arabia's 'reformer' King Abdullah dies
  9. Veteran slammed with nasty note for parking in reserved spot
  10. RWW News: Huckabee: It's Not Homophobic To Follow Bible's Rules Against Gay People
  11. DeflateGate news mash-up, maybe (not found)

Stupid Ad Segment

Part 1

The peasants started the show with TJ declaring that he's became a vegan. They then started pimping the DP T-Shirts. Then, they watched a video by some idiot accusing TJ of condoning bestiality. Then, the Beast makes his glorious debut and tells girls what they should do. They then watched a retarded ass PragerU video claiming that the Ten Commandments is the foundation of morality.

Next, the guy from Free Press Media made a singing video about Jaclyn Glenn because she wore an atheist T-Shirt. After that, Brett Keane made a shitty response video to Jaclyn Glenn criticizing her for asking for donations even though Brett himself converted to Christianity God-Believerism only because Christians God-Belivers donated more money to him more than atheists. Even The Vigilant Christian made a response video to Jaclyn Glenn, Mario said some hypocritical shit about Jaclyn even though those things could be applied to himself.

Part 2

After stopping the Vigilant Christian video, the peasants got a guest appearance from Anthony Fantano on the show. TJ, Scotty, Ben, and Anthony proceeded to discuss Marilyn Manson's music for nearly 30 minutes. After Anthony left, they watched a video by a hideous vapid pile of shit with no shirt explaining why women are useless and stupid. Then, they took a break.

Part 3

Having returned from the break, the peasants watched a CNN news story about a King from Saudi Arabia, Abdullah's death, Hooray! Then, they watched a video about how an asshole left an insulting note on a female veteran's car accusing her of not being a real veteran.

Next, they watched a video from Right Wing Watch starring Mike Cuckabee who declared that Right-Wingers like him aren't bigots for discriminating against LGBT people just because they follow Biblical Rules and the word of God. They then watched a CNN story by that annoying old lady about deflated footballs in NFL. Then, they moved into the Stupid Ad Segment and watched some stupid and crazy ads.


  • "The Beast fucking pounds pussy all night every night, Scotty" -TJ
    • "I'm sure he does" -Scotty
  • "Saying you can't even covet other person's things; I mean you're basically undermining the foundations of the Capitalist System most of these Republican Assholes seem to love so much and jerk off over" -TJ responding to Dennis Prager on coveting
  • "I would never attack Brett Keane's stupid worthless family" -TJ
  • "This dude is such a hypocrite" -Scotty talking about Brett Keane


  • Dennis Prager is a loathsome half-wit
  • Brett Keane claims that having more subscribers will cure one of his/her depression
  • The Butt King is a lying reprehensible dillhole
  • Mike Huckabee is a fucking moron
  • The 未来のライタ (Jii Jii Jii) is a USB that can also be used as a cigarette lighter


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