Episode 75 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. This episode features the guest appearance of some Danish guy named Matt.

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  • Two guest on this episode
  • Some redneck impressions (0:14:09)
  • Scotty forces TJ to praise him (1:24:16)
  • More Redneck impressions (1:48:51)

Part 1

This episode started with the Drunken Peasants making some shitty announcements. Then, they introduced a guest named Matt or some shit. The first video they watched was from StateofDaniel telling atheists to prove that Abraham Lincoln exists as a shitty analogy to prove God exists. Next, they watched a video from Brett Keane where he was lying about TJ and the Drunken Peasants.

After Brett's stupid bullshit, Wild Bill started making some speech about how the Left manufactures racism. They then watched more Vagina Power, this time Alexyss was talking about why women should not hold in their shit after having a sexual intercourse with a man. Next, Gail Chord Schuler claimed that she sends nudes to her men on the Church of Gail to cure them of depression, but the Jesuits intercepted Gail's messages and stole her nudes. Then, they took a break.

Part 2

After the break, the peasants resumed Gail's video. They also introduced another guest, Morte McAdaver. The first news story they watched was about some guy who tried to break into Joe Biden's home. Next, a lady on Fox News started declaring that Islamists should be killed. Then, they watched Fox News getting forced to apologize after saying some inaccurate shit. They then watched a video about some kid with an air soft gun getting arrested for filming the police on camera. Next, they watched a Bill O'Reilly video about how choosing to believe in Jesus is easier than believing in science.

Part 3

After that, the peasants watched Sean Hannity and Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty talk about Radical Islam and then claim that "political correctism" equals atheism. Then, they moved into the Q&A Segment and answered some questions.


  • "This is why Brett Keane's channels are shut down, it's not like he covers his trail in a clever way. He just does this superficial, amateurish PR job that anybody can just go look... you can just go look and see that he's distorting the facts" -TJ on Brett Keane
  • "He's what we refer to as a piece of shit" -Ben on Wild Bill


  • Brett Keane is a lying reprehensible degenerate scumfuck
  • Never go to the same bathroom right after TJ
  • TJ claims to be a Jesuit so in response Scotty claimed that he was part of the Illuminati


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