Episode 72 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. This episode features Razorfist (aka The Rageaholic) as a guest. The Rageaholic was brought to DP's attention by a rant video directed at TJ he made. The episode features a Stupid Ad Segment. The chat called for a battle between Galen and Gail.

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Videos Played

Start of the Show

After the audible announcement and the opening credits, the first video the peasants played is Razorfist's response video to TJ. Next, they watched a video with a guy talking about gender identity or some shit. Then, a Vigilant Christian video started "exposing" WWE Iluminati symbolism, TJ briefly lists a few things Mario finds Satanic. They also discussed wrestling bullshit as well.

They then watched a long-haired guy who was driving a vehicle while filming a video of him making up some shit about science, and this guy sounds like he's driving a Truck through Mordor. After that, Gail Chord Schuler talks about the aftermath of the burrito/taco attack on the Church of Gail and how they escaped through the sun's south pole, thereby causing a large aurora borealis to appear above Russia.

Middle of the Show

The peasants played a short anti-porn video by Jefferson Bethke who makes the argument that Porn is linked to Human trafficking, which it's not. They then see a stupid asshole talk about how getting Tattoos is akin to making a literal blood covenant with one and this guy sounds like he is French kissing his microphone during his shitty video thereby fucking up the audio. Next, they watched a Fox News video about Megyn Kelly schooling Bill Donohue on free speech. TJ's question for Bill is "Why are you such a dipshit?" TJ points out how cowardly mainstream media is. Then, there was a short break where they played some Sex Twister music for approximately 10 minutes.

End of the Show

After the break, a video of Sean Hannity was played where Hannity interviewed a badly dressed Muslim bigot who said stupid shit online. TJ was forced to agree with Hannity, because that's how stupid the Muslim was. After that, they played some stupid ads.


  • TJ begrudgingly agreed with Megyn Kelly.
  • Scotty was not on DP.
  • It is discovered that Razorfist is a climate change denier.
  • TJ was forced to agree with 2 dipshits, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity.
  • Ben says he has whiskers.
  • Bill Donohue is a festering pile of shit.
  • Islam sucks!


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