Episode 66 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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  • Drunken Peasants agree with Wild Bill
  • The rise of Vagina Power

Start of the Show 

The show started with the peasants playing a bunch of "Hey Scotty" video clips. Then, Wild Bill talks about why it's important for the actions of police officers to be filmed. It's perhaps the first time we here at the Drunken Peasants agree with Wild Bill. They then watched a senile old bastard who gives some dumb reasons why God exist.

After that, the peasants watched a video from Right Wing Watch about Pat Robertson claiming that homosexuals will go extinct. Next, they watched a video by a deluded guy who claims that cereal is poisonous. They then talked about the G Man poll. Apparently most of the audience want G Man back. Then, Glenn Beck returns to talk about how he faces discrimination for his political beliefs or some other bullshit. After that stupid shit from Right Wing Watch, some guy comes up to kvetch about TJ.

Next, the condescending moron Stefan Molyneux declares that physicists are useless people should get "real" jobs. They then watched Alexyss from Vagina Power saying that she's a vagina pilot.

Middle of the Show 

The peasants watched a video by a black lady who claims that black people lack IQ and critical thinking without any evidence to back up her claim. They watched a stupid ass video about the war on Christmas. Next, they watched a conspiracy video about Satanic Reptilians. They then took a break.

End of the Show 

After returning from the break, the Drunken Peasants proceeded into the Stupid Ad Segment and watched some stupid and crazy ads. After the Stupid Ad Segment, they moved into the Q&A Segment and answered some boring ass questions. Egghead appeared in this segment.


  • "All you people who hate me, fuck you bitches, eat shit and die" -Scotty
  • "I wouldn't even want to be a crazy asshole like Glenn Beck' -Scotty
  • "Stefan Mo-neu...nuh...'s mother should be fucking hanged for not stabbing this thing that came out of her cunt fucking 48 years or however long it's been. Like she did a grave disservice to humanity when she didn't have the courage to fucking throw that thing off a rooftop. Fuck this guy, he's scum." -TJ talking about Stefan Molyneux
  • "Most Americans are selfish and stupid" -Scotty


  • This episode was published one day before Christmas Eve
  • Glenn Beck is full of shit


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