Episode 65 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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  • Scotty's absence
  • Glenn Beck mad at atheists

Start of the Show 

The first video the peasants played was from Vagina Power. Then, Glenn Beck asks atheists to stop mocking God. Glenn Beck also claims that God does not destroy people, which is bullshit because of the Great Flood and other acts of genocide God has committed in the Bible. Then, some fat wrestling guy gives some stupid reasons why God exists and why atheism is full of shit.

The same guy who pretended to be a veteran by wearing a fake military uniform from Episode 62 Returns to explain why he pretended to be veteran, his reason is that store owners and businesses might give him free shit or discounts. They then watched a conspiracy video explaining why Gordon Ramsey is the same person as Steve Irwin.

Middle of the Show 

The peasants watched a white supremacist douchebag explain why the White Race is God's favorite race. After that dumb bullshit, they watched a fat stupid bitch with an ego bigger than her ass Getting offended by a weight loss program advertisement so she takes the sign and fucks it up.

Michael Savage explains how our culture and schools are under attack because a school ruled to not say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. Next, they watched a video by a Christian vlogger explaining why faith is important. They took a break after that.

End of the Show 

Having returned from the break, the peasants watched a male feminist who was stating why feminism is crucial for anarchism. Next, they watched a video about a girl who claims she treats her terminal brain cancer by eating raw food. They then watched a conspiracy theorist explaining why Pope Francis is guilty for molesting children.

They then watched a news story about the relationship between Cuba and the US. After that, they watched a video about a man from South America who tried to steal a purse on a bus but ended up getting his ass kicked instead.

Then, they watched a video about an Indian woman whose name is "Dikshit". Next, they watched a CNN video talking about the LAPD and racial prejudice.


  • Glenn Beck and Michael Savage are both retarded.
  • The Glenn Beck video was from Right Wing Watch


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