Episode 64 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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  • Stefan Molyneux's stupidity
  • More crazy religious folks

Start of the Show 

The show started off with the Drunken Peasants talking about Marilyn Manson. They then, played a "Hey Scotty" video clip. The Vigilant Christian returns and he was talking about Jews in Hollywood. Next up was a video by a guy who explains why TJ has an inadequate understanding of the Bible. Stefan Molyneux then explains why women are inferior. They then watched another one of those feminist propaganda videos where little girls continuously shout out profanities, but this time was Christmas themed.

They then watched a video by Alexyss from Vagina Power about how men should clean their assholes, balls, and dicks. After that nonsense, they watched a video from Aaron Clarey claiming that Obama wants to spread Ebola because he is a leftist who hates America.

Middle of the Show 

The peasants watched a video about a Pastor yelling "Take it!" on a stage over and over again. Then a guy called Steven or some shit started giving atheists a boring ass challenge. They then watched a video about a guy having a seizure in a church or some shit. After that, they watched a video by a stupid bald wanker giving some dumb reasons why atheism is dangerous. They then took a break.

End of the Show 

After the break, the peasants watched a crazy guy named Revelation13net who claims that he can make clouds disappear with his psychic powers. Next, they watched a news story about Pastor who wanted to marry a horse to protest gay marriage. They then watched a video about a kid who got a Nazi ring from a Toy machine at a store.

They then watched a video about stupid disingenuous cops who violently attacked a woman for bullshit reasons. After that, they then watched an interview with Michael Hayden about rectal dehydration.

After that stupid shit, they answered some motherfucking questions. Egghead appeared in this segment and he was wearing a Santa costume.


  • "Here's what he does: He reaches firmly into his own ass, pulls out a piece of shit and says: this is a brilliant idea; I'm gonna share it with the world" -TJ describing Stefan Molyneux
  • "Obama has been sucking Wall Street's dick from day 1; and you're gonna tell me this is some radical leftist!? You're a MORON!" -TJ responding to Aaron Clarey
  • "We should not just settle for a fairy tale because we don't understand the truth fully" -TJ
  • "These cops are just assholes" -TJ



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