Episode 62 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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Start of the Show 

The show started with the peasants introducing AlphaOmegaSin. They then started chatting with AlphaOmega about shit like his goatee and Anita Sarkeesian and some other stuff. The first video they played was by a guy with an insufferably annoying voice called Chris declaring that The Amazing Atheist should be censored despite the fact that western society guarantees freedom of speech and then the peasants commented on how that idiot Chris looks like he gives blowjobs to sewer rats. After that stupid shit, they watched a dumbass video by a Brony from Shady Oak Ministries who was talking a bunch of nonsense about My Little Ponies and the Bible or some shit. After that boring drivel, another video was played but it was about an ex-brony stating why bronies are sinful. Next, the peasants watched a video explaining why masturbation will blind one eye. They then watched a video by that dumb bitch Megan Fox Creationist who was talking about why water conservation is irrelevant.

Middle of the Show 

The peasants watched a video about an American prison guard visiting a European prison so he can look at Norway's superior justice systems. After that shit, an old man with a bottle of ranch salad dressing started talking about "militant" atheists. Next, they played an animated Drunken Peasants video. They then covered a news story about a chemical spill at a furry convention. They then played a Fox News video with Rush Limbaugh talking about Obama. They then covered a news story about some moron who pretended to be veteran by wearing a fake military uniform and then he got exposed. Next up was a news story about a University dropping Bill Cosby. Next, the peasants covered a news story about some dumbass imbecile who accidentally left a bag filled with thousands of dollars at Burger King. Then, they took a break.

End of the Show 

After the break, the Drunken Peasants promptly moved into the Q&A Segment and answered some boring ass fucking questions.


  • Megan Fox Creationist is a complete retard
  • Due to Norway's superior prison system, TJ commented that Norwegian prisoners probably live a better life than he does


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