Episode 58 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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  • TJ Reads a list of demands for the show to move forward.
  • The return of Wild Bill.

Videos Played

  1. FULL 'God you're my savior!' Woman freaks out on a flight to Tampa
  2. Someone doesn't like TJ (not found)
  3. About Atheism, And My Comments on the Amazing Atheist
  4. Megan Fox audits the Field Museum's "Evolving Earth" exhibit
  5. First American Dictator
  6. A Scathing Letter To Mr. Obama from a Conservative Latina American
  7. Rebecca Watson on Women in Geek Culture
  8. A cop in Mike Brown case interview (not found)
  9. Reaction to the Mike Brown case verdict (not found)
  10. Protesters stop looters in Ferguson (not found)
  11. Jose Vargas on Bill O'Reilly (not found)

Start of the Show

Right after the Audible Shilling and the intro, TJ reads a list of demands for the show to move forward. The Drunken Peasants then watch a video about an insane lady screaming "God is my savior" on an airplane. After that nonsense, they watched a stupid ass video from someone who doesn't like TJ.

Boogie2988 then proceeds to call TJ an asshole, Scotty agrees with Boogie. We here at Drunken Peasants Wiki also agree with Boogie and think that TJ is an asshole. Fuck you, TJ.

Then, the peasants watched some dumb bitch by the name of Megan Fox at a museum failing to understand evolution. They then watched Wild Bill talking about the "First American Dictator". After Wild Bill's stupidity, the peasants watched a video by some brain-dead conservative bitch called Anita Fuentes who was talking about Obama and making a fuckton of bullshit claims.

Middle of the Show

The peasants watched a stupid presentation by Rebecca Watson explaining why western society oppresses women. Then, they played an interview regarding Police Brutality and Mike Brown. They watched another video regarding Mike Brown. Bill O'Reilly then interviewed an immigrant from the Philippines.

The peasants then took a break while a Photoshop contest took place.

End of the Show

After the break, the Drunken Peasants moved into the Q&A Segment and answered some motherfucking questions. Egghead returns and talks about Anita Sarkeesian. BeyondPhere also appeared in the Q&A Segmennt.


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