Episode 57 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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Beginning of the Show 

The show starts off with the Audible Free Trial thing. After that, the peasants watched a few videos by the "Why be an atheist?" guy at Free Press Media. Then, the same dipshit with the assault rifle from Episode 50 returns to talk about rape fantasies. The peasants then watched a response video made by the same religious dumbass from the previous episode.

After that, they watched a stupid ass video about how atheists shove their beliefs down people's throats as if religious assholes (like the guy who made the video) don't do that. Then, a redneck started claiming that toys from Walmart are satanic, and TJ calls him a moron. Then, a radical feminist started declaring that social classes should be abolished.

Middle of the Show 

The peasants then watched Alex Jones talking about how Obama will take guns away. After Alex Jones' stupidity, they watched Bryan Fischer explain why God hasn't killed Bill Maher. The peasants then watched a video about the Burger King feminist. They then watched a video from PragerU claiming that Christians are the most persecuted people.

Then, they watched a news story about an asshole police officer who killed a kid for carrying a fake gun. They took a break.

End of the Show 

After the break, the peasants watched another video about weed legalization and a vacuous douchebag with a red hat was against pot legalization. They then watched a news story about a cuntbag gym teacher who violently forced a 14-year-old girl into a pool. The peasants proceeded into the Q&A Segment and answered some shitty questions.


  • "The central tenet of Buddhism really is to renounce worldly possessions..... well not necessary possessions but (to renounce) attachments both to things and people... And I like attachments so it's anethical to my very materialistic greedy nature" -The Amazing Atheist



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