Episode 54 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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Beginning of the Show

The peasants began the show with the Free Audible trial shit. They then watched a painfully unwatchable video where some delusional idiot from the YouTube channel Free Press Media sings "Why be an atheist?". They then watched a video about some bimbo girl with big tits talking about domestic violence. Ray Cumfart then compares Lawrence Krauss with Hitler.

The leader of Jehovah's Witnesses then claims that tight pants are sinful. Then, the peasants covered a news story about a pregnant Canadian lady who was denied medical coverage in Hawaii by Blue Cross Insurance because of greedy capitalist bullshit reasons. They then moved onto a story relating to the Keystone Pipeline. They then watched a news story about Bill Cosby's sex scandals.

Middle of the Show

The White House Press Secretary started talking about Obama's immigration reform. The peasants then watched a CNN video about Sandusky's sexual "scandals". They then watched a video about how a Pastor from Georgia was surprised to learn that many people in Europe are atheists.

They then took a break.

End of the Show (Add more)

After the break, Scotty Cena returns. Then, the Drunken Peasants proceeded to answer some motherfucking questions. Surprisingly, Egghead did not appear in this Segment. Brett Keane, Vigilant Christian, and G Man were mentioned in the Q&A Segment.


  • "Shut up Bill O'Reilly, you fucking cunt" -TJ
  • "If you're fortunate enough to live in a country like Canada, don't even fuck with this country, alright; we're a shithole, don't even come down here. Just don't come to America; we suck"-TJ describing the US and it's shitty health care system.
  • "Republicans are children and should be shot in the face; as children should" -TJ declaring the justified course of action to manage Republicans
  • "If Bill Cosby raped me, I'll be laughing" -TJ



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