Episode 54 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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Beginning of the Show

Before the intro, the peasants played TJ's Audible video. They then played a dreadful video from Josh Feuerstein talking about why saving the environment is unnecessary. They then watched another shitty video about teens against porn. They then watched a video about some guy who was transformed from gay to straight becuz of God's magical power.

They then watched a video about some Catholic guy explains why condoms and birth control are bad. The right-wing moron Andrew Klavan returned to complain about left-wing dictionaries or some shit. William Tapley returns to pull delusional bullshit stories out of his ass.

Middle of the Show

The peasants watched a boring ass Brett Keane video about Evolution and Adam and Eve. Then, they took a break.

They then watched a 'news' story about people getting upset over a black character at some festival in the Netherlands. The first scientist who landed a probe on a comet gets backlash from feminists for wearing a shirt that depicted naked women. The backlash was so intense that the European scientist even cried. The peasants then watched a video about some 10-year-old boy sending nudes to some girl.

They then watched a video about some dumbass girl who was happy because some comedian she disagrees with was censored. They then watched a news story about cars not stopping for pedestrians or some shit. Then, they watched another news story about Obama's gum chewing habits in China. Then, an NBA commissioner proceeded to advocate for the legalization of betting money on sports.

End of the Show

After the News Segment, the peasants proceeded to answer shitty questions. Egghead also submitted a question. The peasants talked about the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings films, whether if humans are getting dumber or not, and some other shit. After the Q&A Segment, the peasants ended the show.


  • "Stop attacking his family" -Ben responding to TJ's mean words about Brett Keane
    • "No, his family is garbage; they should all be drug out in the street and shot" -TJ responding to Ben about Brett's family
  • "But he was just chewing some gum, I don't give a fuck. If you do give a fuck then you're stupid and should die, I'm sorry; there's no realm of reality where that matters, there's not even an alternate universe where that matters" -TJ responding to the backlash Obama received for chewing gum


  • Scoopy does not appear in this episode so Ben used his camera.
  • William Tapley is an idiot.
  • TJ says that he wants to fist Joe Rogan in the ass.


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