"Welcome to the Drunken Peasants podcast, where we DP the fuck out of the news, and other things... Sometimes each other"
- Ben tells a bit too much of the truth
Episode 53 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. It is the first one in quite a long time not to feature Scotty, finally.

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  • The return of Scotty Cena
  • Girl gets smacked on Subway train - 1:06:03
  • Feminist impressions - 1:52:14

Beginning of the Show

The peasants started the show by talking about John Cena. They then watched a video about identifying as a feminist. After that boring ass feminist video was a video called 50 Shades of Grace and it's about some Christian poet talking about why pre-marital sex is bad. They then watched a response video to The Amazing Atheist by a feminist who was apparently a fan of TJ. They took a break.

Middle of the Show

The peasants watched a video about a fight that transpired on a New York City subway train after the break. They then watched a Pat Robertson video. Then, they watched a stupid video about how atheism is not a lack of belief. After, they watched a news report from Fox News where Tucker Carlson and Kirk Cameron was bitching about the war on Christmas.

Then, they watched a video about how virtual rape in games like Grand Theft Auto V is a serious issue and a lot of resource and effort should be invested into it to stop it, anyone who says otherwise is a misogynistic rape apologist.

They then played a news story from CNN about how 8 women from India died from government-mandated sterilization. Third-Wave Feminists in the west are too busy worrying about virtual video game characters getting raped in the ass to give a shit about those Indian Women getting sterilized.

End of the Show

The peasants watched a video about a midget getting harassed by other people in New York City. Then, they watched another video about retarded police officers killing an innocent woman.

They then proceeded to the Stupid Ad Segment. One of the ads was a John Cena ad. After the stupid ads, they ended the show.


  • "Good ol' senile ass Pat" -TJ on Pat Robertson
  • "Americans are stupid" -TJ describing Americans
  • "India is fucked up" -TJ
  • "Do you realize what would happen if I was in a men's room and John Cena came walking up to me?" -Ben talking about the John Cena ad
    • "You'll suck his cock?" -TJ responding to Ben's comment on the Cena ad.
      • "Yeah... How did you know?" -Ben


  • Atheeizum Iz nut duh LaCk of beleef
  • ViDeO GaMeS R Misogeniztik


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