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Episode 45 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. It features the first appearance of VenomFangX.

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This episode consisted of TJ, Ben, Scotty, and VenomFangX playing a 3 hour long game of toast (Banana edition). Venom blew his load for 2 hours and 52 minutes because he had never had sex or masturbated in his entire life. It took 3 hours after the show for TJ to eat up Venom Fang's Jizz. VenomFuckX also demanded that TJ stop swearing so it could be a family-friendly debate or he would not stay on the show, only furthering the boredom of the episode. He demanded that TJ make his show 'family-friendly' AS IF there are children watching the Drunken Peasants, that just shows how much of an idiot VenomFangX is.


  • "Did you agree to fellate him, Ben? ....cuz he tried that shit with me........... He's like: TJ, If you suck my fucking dick I'll debate you..... And I'm like: Venom, You know I like some dick but yours is just weird looking; it's all spikey, I don't like it....." -TJ talking about his 'deal' with VenomFangX
    • ".....How did you know what it looked like?......" -Ben asking about Venom Fang's dick
      • ".....If you know VenomFang for 5 minutes, you're gonna get a dick pic. He's always sending those out. That's just his nature. He's just like: BAAM! Dick Pic!" -TJ



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