Episode 39 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. It features the third appearance of the Bible Reloaded guys.

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Part 1

The show started when the peasants and The Bible Reloaded made the bold choice to call G Man, who was expecting a rap battle. TJ promised he would do the rap battle with G Man "one of these weeks" (and probably never will) then G Man shilled some charities, the peasants agreed and they moved on to The Bible Reloaded's "debate" with G Man about Biblical Contradictions. When the debate's quality began to deteriorate the peasants decided to embrace the #BanTJ campaign.

DP then went into a video on Patrick Coleman, who uses circular logic to try and prove that the psychic industry isn't bullshit.

Next up was a retarded video made by a low-grade version of the Green Power Ranger who argued that because there are pleasant things like flowers, landforms, and animals in nature so it must have been created by God, even though there are diseases, disasters, and violence in nature.

This was also the episode in which the peasants played Sye Ten Atheist's video, Brett Keane The Motherfucking Opera. [1]

They then watched a crazy conspiracy video about how the ice bucket challenge is Satanic.

Part 2

The peasants eventually played a video of a swat team invading a misogynist gamer's room while playing Counter-Strike.

The peasants then had a music break with the beloved original metal music by Berserkyd. They then went into in the Draw Ben contest. After the shitty contest, they proceeded with the Q&A Segment and answered some shitty questions.


  • "It doesn't hurt that he's not hard to look at, Am I right?" -Jake talking about the discount Green Power Ranger
    • "I'll tap that..... he looks just young enough to be dangerous....." -Hugo talking about the discount Green Power Ranger
      • "Mmmmm yeahhhh.... hop on the back of his motorcycle, just hold on to him tight while he rides you around town" -Ben talking about the discount Green Power Ranger
  • "Shut up Scotty, I'm gonna beat the shit outta you with my down syndrome strength" -TJ (2:33:16)


  • Creationism is the worst type of stupidity
  • Ben is a parasite growing on TJ's belly.
  • This is the first episode the peasants played the 'Hey Scotty, Jesus man' clip


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