Episode 236 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast.


  • "Fuck weed, I don't smoke that shit!"-TJ
  • Joseph Martelli waited behind the building offering blowjobs to everyone, including TJ.
  • TJ can't figure out how to use a cigarette machine
  • Paul's nose got fucked by a mosquito

Videos Played

Winsor McCay - How a Mosquito Operates [1912]

Start of the Show

  • After a customary 2 minutes of TJ and Scotty fighting, each drunken peasant recaps their story of the Joseph Martelli incident at the Columbus, Ohio meetup.
    • Paul's version of the story begins with him smoking on the back deck with some fans when suddenly he hears a voice yell "MARTELLI!". Catching his attention, he turns towards the noise and sees Joseph in a hoodie filming in front of the building. He said "AY!" upon seeing him and the entire event emptied into the street.
    • Ben was sitting near the bar and heard the commotion and the crowd forming. He then responded "fuck it" and continued to drink.
    • Scotty was on the patio and heard Joseph yell "MARTELLI!". He had been waiting all night for Joseph to show up and had been yelling out into the street for Joseph to come see them. When the mob went after Joseph, Martelli "usain bolted" away and ran for his fucking life down the streets.
    • When TJ was alerted to the presence of Joseph Martelli, his immediate reaction was that he wanted to see Tommy From The Bronx beat the shit out of him as Tommy had been talking about it earlier in the night. Tommy busted out of the bar with his bulging chest muscles and scared Joseph to the point of running for his life while presenting his ass to the mob.
  • During the Information Segment, the Peasants learned about a 1912 silent film names "How a Mosquito Operates" by Winsor McCay. They then played the film which depicts a giant mosquito tormenting White Guilt Paul.

Middle of the Show

End of the Show


Ben Cackle Counter: 25 times during the show.

Paul is the official Southern correspondent

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