Episode 224 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast


TJ's shaved, white guilt face.

Videos played

Start of the failed live Show

The show began with various issues, causing it to go down for a short span of time. The stream was started again with a video of TJ complaining about having to shave his beard in accordance to the bet he and Paul made a few episodes ago, afterward, the peasants talked for a while, however, the show quickly went back down and never came back.

Start of the prerecorded Show

The show again starts with the same video of TJ that was played on the failed live show, followed by a remixed, song-like video of the Drunken Peasants.

Paul, Ben and TJ then talked further about the results of the weight loss contest. The peasants then made some small announcements about the patrons-only private show, the continued sell of shirts and a short ad for the post show.

They then moved into Troll or Not a Troll featuring a guy talking about something to do with souls, they then voted that he was not a troll in a 2-1 vote.

They moved on to the Political Shit segment, featuring more Donald Trump news about his campaign in Wisconsin, with the peasants remarking that most of the people interviewed were quite dumb (because they were quite dumb). They moved on to a news story about the former Wisconsin governor claiming that John Kasich would be the best republican presidential nominee and that he would make a comeback. Afterwards, they played a video of a girl pushing, then getting body slammed by, another person.

Middle of show

End of the Show

Post Show


"I've been taking it for a long time." - Shillary Clintron in a clip the peasants watched


Ben Cackle Counter: Ben laughed in his signature way 23 times during the show

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