Episode 223 is an episode of The Drunken Peasants Podcast.

Start of the show

A trailer of The Living Manatee was played before the opening credits.

Brett Keane was revealed to have dyed his hair once more but forgot to touch up the roots (because he is a water headed idiot). Paul also noticed how long it had been since the Stallion had stood up in a video, this again shows why he is a Brett Keane Historian. The video described how to get famous on YouTube (yeah, seriously) making multiple references to being bisexual and doing things with a banana.

This episode saw the return of the White guilt segment in which TJ responded to a black youtuber (Minnesota boy) who did not want white people on his channel. TJ then made fun of him by slanting his eyes and doing an impression of a Asian person exclaiming "Oh ching chong me watch drunken peasants!" explaining the racism if he denied (who he called a Dirt Race) Asians the right to watch the podcast.


Ben Cackle Counter: Ben laughed in his signature way 26 times during the show

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