Episode 222 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast


  • KaceyTron's Boobs, Hair.
  • Micropenis
  • The great Chicken McNugget vs Wendies Nuggets debate

Videos played

  1. Bitch boy slap fight song
  2. Trump is a bad landlord
  3. Trump stakes
  4. Teacher knows over student
  5. RWW News: Pat Robertson: 'Tough Warriors' In NFL Shouldn't Criticize Georgia Over Anti-LGBT Bill
  6. RWW News: Tucker Carlson: Anyone Who Points Out White Privilege 'Is By Definition A Racist'
  7. RWW News: Glenn Beck Says Ted Cruz Has Been Preparing To Be President His Entire Life

Start of the Show

They started the show with the bitch boy slap fight clip, then they talked about being ddos attacked.. Then they talked about Mc.nuggets and the they talked about trump and his awesome stakes. KaceyTron got ddos-ed off the show so there was a jump cut then they talked about a teacher knocking over a student..Pat Robertson talks about the NFL and gay marriage.

Whatever... the show sucked

Middle of show

End of the Show

Post Show


"Shit goin' HAM up in the dolla' sto' "- TJ


Ben Cackle Counter: Ben laughed in his signature way 24 times during the show

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