Episode 218 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast.


Videos played

  1.  ?
  2. White guys fart in my face matters to me ![1]
  3.  ?
  4. RWW News: Glenn Beck Says Failing To Elect Ted Cruz Will Leave Us Will Blood On Our Hands
  5. RWW News: Pat Robertson Praises Supreme Court Blockade
  6.  ?
  7. what a Clinton vs. trump would look like.
  8. Hunk Hogan wins lawsuit
  9. convicted guy released from jail
  10. Otto Warmbeer in the DPRK (North Korea)
  11. Don't Be A Window Licker, Vote For Trump
  12. no lips debate (not found, Did not look for that shit)
  13. New Crusades Rising
  14.  ?
  15. the Europeans are from mars
  16. Post Show: Feminist Theatre

Start of the Show

End of the Show

Post Show

they talk about I.C.P, Then they played some Feminist Screaming... they then order a pizza online.. Then they went back to the Screaming.. The pain was real. T.J coughed up a storm. Then there was some white people dancing. T.J says "Retards" over and over.


"Neat" -T.J

"Black retards popping and locking" - T.J

"...we are the powerful people in society, white, white Christian males."-Paul spilling the beans on the Drunken Peasants' true religion


  • Paul's ego is the reincarnation of the 27th President of the United States William Howard Taft
  • Ben Cackle Counter: Ben laughed in his signature way 15 times during the show
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