Episode 204 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast.


  • Brett Keane in his False-Flagging stage.
  • Vapor canopy.

Videos Played

  1. Dee Jedaj - The Amazing Otherkin
  2. How to touch a girl (not found)
  3. Brett Keane License Copyright, Fair Use, Monetization, Illegal, Prosecute, and more
  4. Good Bye TheAmazingAtheist - I Was Your First and Only Real Fan
  5. RWW News: Bryan Fischer Explains How A 'Vapor Canopy' Allowed Methuselah To Live For 969 Years
  6. RWW News: Franklin Graham: Christians Must Run For Office To Stop ‘Evil’ LGBT Rights
  7. Hillary VS Bernie in 90 seconds (not found)
  8. RWW News: Glenn Beck Begs South Carolina To Support Ted Cruz, God's Chosen Candidate
  9. RWW News: Ted Cruz's Doomsday Supreme Court Vision
  10. RWW News: Tony Perkins Says America May Never Have Another Election If We Don't Elect Ted Cruz
  11. Hillary Needs To Step Down (not found)
  12. Trump threatens to sue Cruz for 'not being a natural born citizen'
  13. Actress from Ted Cruz ad: People like me vote too
  14. Ted Cruz awkwardly tries to get a hug from his daughter
  15. "What's mansplaining?" Senator Mitch Fifield offended by Senator Katy Gallagher's allegation
  16. Man Attempts Exorcism on Ted Cruz During Campaign Event He’s possessed by a demon
  17. RWW News: Robertson Wonders If Sanders’ Youth Supporters Are ‘The Kids Who Want To Do A Panty Raid'
  18. Olivia Gatwood - "HEY, SCIENCE!"
  19. Cop confronts Christian homophobes (not found)
  20. Black Magick: The Left Hand Path Psychic Vampirism (not found)
  21. The Truth About English: Phonics, Phonetics, and Esoteric Etymology
  22. Women's Rights in Light of the Bible

Start of the Show

The show begins with a discussion about Ben and TJ's desired muscular bodies. They listen to the tour de force remix of Stonebwoy.

The Troll or not a Troll segment revolved around som dipshit who said that people should be allowed to touch girls whenever they want. Scotty said that this was a young TJ, he denied this allegation despite Scotty's insistance. Their conclusion was that this individual was a Troll.

Middle of the Show


End of the Show




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