Episode 1 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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Part 1

The episode started with the peasants responding to a Fox News Weather Report on climate change. Next, the watched a video about some homophobes in Utah shoving their "agendas" up each other's asses. Then, they listened to an news report about how an Iraqi city was conquered by Islamic Terrorist groups linked to Al Qaeda.

Next, Obama talks about unemployment benefits. Rand Paul talked about employment insurance. The peasants watched some morons who claim that all unemployed people are lazy. They then took a break

Part 2

The peasants went into the Q&A Segment. They watched some news about how Austrailian women's health care system was getting more funding than the men's system. They then shared their thoughts on feminism and atheism+. They talked about ten worst sex and relationship tips from the Christian right-wing. Next, they talked about Minimum wages. After that, they answered more stupid questions.


  • "Looks like she's stroking a cock" -TJ talking about the Fox News weather lady
  • "They're just shoving their agendas down each other's throats" - Ben
    • "And into each other's butts" -TJ adding to Ben's statement



(TJFucksThings was mentioned in this episode)

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