Episode 189 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast.


  • TJ gets a hemorrhoid.
  • Scotty Cena returns.

Videos Played

  2. Conservative Christians Offended By The Founding Fathers (not found)
  3. RWW News: Trump Mystified That Refugees Own Cell Phones

Start Of The Show

The show started out with Ben explaining how Scotty wasn't able to show up and how TJ had to go on Skype due to his hemorrhoid. They brought on T-Shirt Guy and some other patron fuck.

TJ explained his hemorrhoid and his issues with shitting. TJ and Scotty Cena had a back and forth about fucking TJ's family. TJ also announced the delay of the L.A. meetup.

They played a video for Troll or Not a Troll of some girl who cries about a traumatic experience looking at a weeny online. The DP instantly labeled her as a troll. They then played a video of some Texas Christians bitching about a nativity scene in the form of the founding fathers. The show started to lag due to a severe thunderstorm, but it was actually just Shirt Guy's presence.

After the lag was fixed they shilled the Dinoaur T-Shirt. Also TJ had to do a sound test to fix the Aids audio. TJ also discussed the horrendous of Egghead's parents movie the Canyon Trail. They moved on to a video of Trump ranting about the Muslims having Cellphones.

Middle Of The Show

To be added.

End Of The Show

To be added.


  • To be added.


  • Brett Keane compares himself to Rocky Balboa, although the only major difference is that Butt King is a piece of shit manatee who has a stupid family that should have been aborted years ago.
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