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Episode 177 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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  • TJ mocks AIU for obessing about his small penis [1:43:21]
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Videos Played

  1. Featured Video: TJ's neck beard remix video
  2. Free Radio Revolution: Paris terrorist attack is a false flag.
  3. Pastor Anderson Criticizes Paris Attack Victims for Attending “Death Metal” Concert
  4. Aaron Clarey on Paris attacks
  5. Evan Lefavor will legalize weed if he becomes king of Earth.
  6. A ludicrous retard responds to TJ with a bunch of nonsense (Beetle douche)
  7. Can you make it on the minimum wage? (Middle sect)
  8. Gail Chord Schuler: Distraction from Gail's Exposure of Donald Trump Clone
  9. Joshua Feuerstein: Rambling about rejection
  10. A commercial about making cocks bigger
  11. How Ben Carson will combat terror
  12. How well do democrats handle terrorism topics (end sect)
  13. CBS DemDebate, Bernie vs Hillary
  14. Right Wing Watch: Hysterical man says he will cover himself in cow manure if his son is gay

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(Chelsea was mentioned)

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