Episode 17 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. It was the first to feature the greatest guest of all time who would later become a regular, Paul's Ego.

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  • The debut of Paul's Ego.
  • A dead pastor

Videos Played

  1. Pastor Literally drops dead after committing adultery (not found)
  2. Hit-man hired to kill a woman's husband's adulterer (not found)
  3. Obumer meets Ukrainian prime minister (not found)
  4. Does having kids make you happier? (not found)
  5. Outrage Over Iraqi Child Marriage Law: Proposed law would allow marriage of 9-year-olds
  6. Why I want to marry Charles Manson
  7. Sean Hannity Goes One-On-One With Surfer On Welfare

Part 1

Paul and the peasants started talking about the good old days of retarded Christian YouTubers and TJ and Paul's popularity. They talked about a pastor who admitted that he cheated on his wife in front of his whole church congregation then he just dropped dead. They watched some news about a woman who hired a hit-man to kill her husband's adulterer. They watched a video about Obumer visiting the Ukraine prime minister. They talked about if having children will make you happier (Hint: No).They talked about child marriage in Iraq. Charles Manson wants to marry someone.

Part 2

The peasants and Paul watched a video from Sean Hannity interviewing some surfer guy who uses food stamps. They also answered some muthafuckin' questions. They talked about Islamophobia and other wonderful shit.


  • This is the last DP episode to not have video footage.
  • Any news coming out of Iraq is not good news


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