Episode 15 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. This was the first appearance of Mr. Repzion.

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  • The Peasants talked about Ken Sham and Noah's Ark. (0:03:43)
  • More redneck impressions - 2:22:35

Videos Played

  1. MH370 Plane stuff (not found)
  2. More MH370 stuff (not found)
  3. KKK flags (not found)
  4. Ukraine shit (not found)
  5. John Mccain on Ukraine (not found)
  6. Cupp: Wasn't Romney right on Russia?
  7. Baristas selling coffee (not found)
  8. Drunk Gambler: Casino to blame for $500K loss
  9. Medical Pan Commercial (not found)
  10. The Decline of America: O'Reilly Talking Points

Start of the Show

Mr. Repzion and the peasants started talking about how Satanic parties and how much better they are than Church and Ken Ham's Ark. They watched some news about the disappearance of a commercial airliner. The talked about some douchebag who hung a KKK flag on his yard. The talked about some Ukraine and Russia shit. S.E. Cupp talks about how Mitt Romney was right about Russia. The peasants watched some news about people offended by half-naked baristas selling coffee.

Middle of the Show

A drunk man with a funny hat lost $500,000 at a casino and blames casino. The peasants watched a medical pan commercial. They watched a video about Bill O'Reilly talking about the decline of America.

End of the Show

The peasants answered some twat twiddling questions. TJ talked about Canada and shit. They got TJFucksThings to ask a few questions. Then they talked about having sex with animals (2:07:27).



  • Listening to Rush Limbaugh is like stepping into a parallel universe.
  • Mr. Repzion often cosplays Deadpool.


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