Episode 14 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. The episode features the second appearance of atheist evangelist Dusty Smith.

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Videos Played

  1. Bill Donohue: Marriage is not about love
  2. Uganda and gays (not found)
  4. Roger Ross Williams on Uganda Shit (not found)
  5. Ted Nugent Responds to Critics for Calling President Obama 'SubHuman Mongrel' on CNN Erin Burnett
  6. Brother to Ted Nugent: 'Tone it down'
  7. UAE advises Muslims to avoid Mars
  8. Kid Suspended for finger guns (not found)
  9. Cupp outraged boy suspended for gun sign
  10. Sean Hannity on Michelle Obama (not found)

Part 1

The peasants talked about Dusty's controversial channel because as Dusty puts it humans are stupid arrogant retards. They also discussed Dusty and TJ's shirt business. They brought some people on the show to talk. They first invited Joe from the skeptic fence show who advertised his channel and talked about atheism and child abuse from religion. Dusty and the drunken peasants watch a video about Bill Donohue claiming that marriage is not about love. They watched a video about White Evangelicals influencing Uganda to pass a law that sentence gays to prison for life. They watched a video about Ted Nugent, and he's already being an unlikable asshole.

Part 2

The peasants and Dusty Smith watched videos about Muslims claiming that Allah doesn't want them to go to Mars. Kid suspended from school for putting his hand the shape of a gun, S.E. Cupp talks about this issue and it's the first time DP agrees with her. They watched Sean Hannity saying stupid things. 

Q & A

Dusty and the peasants also answered random people's stupid questions for almost an hour. They talked about pan, religion, GMOs, philosophy, trans-humanism and other shit.


  • "TJ, you're a subhuman mongrel, you should know that" -Scotty
  • There is a pill out there where if you eat too much fat, it makes you shit it out instead of absorbing it into your gut....... but that's messed up man. If you put too much trust in a fart, you will shoot in your underwear" -Ben
  • "No it's supposed to be through a sense of joyless obligation" -TJ talking about sex
  • "No anal sex for you" -Dusty


  • Unlike Ted Nugent, Dusty would actually go to his mother's funeral.
  • According to Dusty, the people who associated with him while he was an atheist are smarter than the people who associated him while he was a Christian.


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