Episode 140 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants. It features the return of the Bible Reloaded and Stevie as guests.

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Videos Played

  1. Troll or Not a Troll Segment: John Cena is Illuminati
  2. Wild Bill: Wild Bill News Check 8-10-15
  3. PragerU: The Truth about CO2
  4. 25 Fulfilled Bible Prophecies you can't deny
  5. The Beast: Women being difficult with their men and vice versa
  6. Wretched: Ray Comfort responds to atheist accusations.
  7. CNN: Trump's 'Gitmo' plan leaked

Stupid Ad Segment

  1. The Official Rapid Ramen Commercial
  2. The Dog Dicer - A One-Of-A-Kind Hot Dog Slicer
  3. PC Matic
  4. Kitty Shack
  5. BullsEye Pee Pad

Start of The Show

The episode began with a stunning display of incompetence; the guests' volume is too loud and two videos the Drunken Peasants watched on episode 139 were already watched before. This happened without any acknowledgement from them. The Bible Reloaded and the peasants re-watched a video from Wild Bill where he talks about the news. Then, they skipped a video from Joshua Feuerstein because they already covered the same video in previous episode.

Next, they responded to a propaganda video about Climate Change from the conservative bullshit factory, Prager "University". The idiot in the video makes the argument that excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is good for all life on Earth since all lifeforms are carbon based. Afterwards, a deranged Christian man cited a bunch of bogus examples of occurrences in a piss-poor attempt to support his argument that the Biblical prophecies have been confirmed.

Middle of The Show

The peasants reviewed a video by Joseph8276 aka the Beast where he argues that women should stop being difficult or whatever the fuck that means. Next, they watched a video from the Wretched show where Ray Comfort was praised and Jaclyn Glenn was criticized. Then, they covered a news report from CNN about Donald Trump's leaked Guantanamo Bay plans.

End of The Show

After the News Segment, the Hugo, Jake, and the Drunken Peasants initiated the Stupid Ad Segment and watched some stupid ads. Before they ended the show, they talked briefly about cereal.


  • "Man, fuck you TJ." - Scotty
  • "Oooh, put things in me." - TJ Impersonating his anus
  • "Women, stop being difficult." - The Beast
  • "Ray Comfort, you're an idiot. You suck" - Scotty


  • Higher C02 is not a bad thing.
  • Pearl Harbor happened because Japanese people have weird eyes.
  • Scotty is secretly Mickey Mouse.
  • Scotty is an anti-semantite.


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