Episode 12 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

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  • The return of Galen.
  • Stupid Fox News imbeciles
  • Former drug dealer gives the scoop on pan.
  • Fox News is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • TJ Gasping and choking (2:02:19)

Videos Played

  1. Fox News, Facebook, And Transphobia
  2. Fox Against Pan Again (not found)
  3. Congressional candidate Susanne Atanus calls to say she's definitely NOT crazy!
  4. Mark Levin on Obama (not found)
  5. Are Liberals Revolting Against ObamaCare?
  6. The US is becoming more like France!
  7. Fox News Poll: Voters Disapprove Of Using Executive Orders

Start Of The Show

The chat was being enforced by Scoopler the Kaiser. The Drunken Peasants reacts to a video regarding Facebook with their +50 gender bullshit. They later watched some videos about Fox News morons who are against cannabis legalization. A congressional Candidate named Susanne Atanus claimed that God was upset because of anal sex and abortions thus he altered the polar vortex to punish us and Susanne came here to declare that she's not crazy. A complete twat called Mark Levin criticized Obama for wasting money even though George Bush wasted far more money on the Iraq War and shit.

Middle Of The Show

After the break, Ann Coulter Cuntler returns on the show and she talked about Obama Care then the peasants tore apart that bitch. The poison returned for the 3rd time he talked about TJ and atheism. After Galen left, they talked about some crazy conspiracy theorists. The peasants watched some news about how the US is becoming more like France. They watched some Fox News afterward.

End Of The Show

They answered some shitty questions. Scotty revealed that TJ masturbates to bronies. A caller and the peasants talked about racial slurs and censorship. Another caller talked to the peasants about regulations and laws regarding prescription drugs.


  • "Hey bitch, U Satan, I just wanna tell U: U satan" -TJ
  • "He looks like he's starring at a dick he's not impressed with" -TJ talking about Mark Levin
    • "Seen bigger, seen bigger" -Ben
  • "He polishes heads but not his own" -TJ talking about Mark Levin
  • "That's what Sean Hannity calls the space between his nutsack and his butthole; the Reagan Area" -Ben
    • "Baby, lick my Reagan Area" -TJ talking to Ben regarding Reagan and Hannity


  • Tucker Carlson's gender is 'shitbag'.
  • Butttt Secks R da root cawz of da change in da polar vortex.
  • Susanne Atanus is definitely not crazy.
  • TJ once went on a Date with VenomFang seX in Nova Scotia, Canada and they fucked each other. Surprisingly VenomFangX wasn't even that big, to say the least.


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