Episode 114 is an episode of Drunken Peasants.

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Videos Played

  1. Wild Bill: The Holocaust 2
  2. Zonation: Atheists are anti-1st amendment bullies
  3. Joseph8276: The Beast Strikes Back
  4. Batman V. Superman Is Satanic
  5. Anti-Polygamy Apologist
  6. Diversity Has No Value
  7. Mark Dice On Transgender Conservatives
  8. Being Catholic On YouTube
  9. School fails girl for having cancer
  10. Hillary End Times Prophecy
  11. Prayin to Jesus
  12. Teen Bitten By a Snake

Start of the Show

The episode started off with Ben announcing that there was a cancelled show on Wednesday due to preparation for the Europe Trip. The Drunken Peasants covered an a video from Wild Bill where he talked about the Holocaust number 2. Then, Zonation complains about how poor Christians are being persecuted in a country where they are the majority, have their hand in politics, and have their God on the country's money.

Joss Whedon finally growing a brain before going into a video about DA BEAST. The Beast basically repeats that he thinks girls are too picky, even though he is a fat piece of shit and picky himself. He revealed he doesn't have a girlfriend; how shocking! Next up was a video in which he complains about how poor Christians are being persecuted in a country where they are the majority, have their hand in politics, and have their God on the country's money.

Next up, they reviewed a Zonation video. In the video, he claims that Liberals and Atheists are trying to destroy the 1st amendment. An epic intro comes forth summoning The Vigilant Christian, who is trying to claim that Batman v. Superman is a Satanic film.

Middle of the Show

Wretched discussed about how polygamy was OK in the old testament but unacceptable now.

Aaron Clarey ranted about how diversity is pointless, wrong, and stupid, because it goes against pure and raw American capitalism.

DP then went into a video about Mark Dice calling transgender conservatives meanies, until reaching a more interesting video about Bruce Jenner becoming a woman. In the video some conservative tries to pass off TMZ as a liberal "TV show." Mark Dice also discussed the Gay Bomb to prove that gays weren't born that way.

This Christian pussy talked about how Christians are too afraid of the evil atheist YouTube audience.

News Segment

The peasants started up the news segment with a video about a cancer patient who was berated all because she had to take time during the day for cancer treatment. It shows that schools are pretty much the most cock sucking of institutions as they come.

A video was played of an NRA man predicting the 1,000 years of darkness a Hillary Clinton presidency will bring. The peasants talked about the slim possibility of Bernie Sanders as president.

Another video was played about Congress praying with sappy ass piano music in the background, it was cringe worthy horse shit, but the peasants made it more entertaining.

The show then went into a music break, tonight's soundtrack of choice was Sex Twister, including Hobo Anal.

End of the Show

The Peasants took a break playing of a montage of their amazing t-shirts.

The played a video about some fucking dingus getting bit by a snake, sadly he wasn't killed, and may be facing LEGAL punishment, as if the fucking snake bite and hospital bill wasn't enough.

The peasants then plugged the IRC chat and Wiki again before heading into the post-show.


The post-show was about twelve minutes and twenty seconds long. Ben says peak viewership was 3,393 and mentioned there was no Pre-Show. TJ wants viewership to be over 5,000 while Scotty wants it over 5,000,000. They discuss highlights of the show (AKA the title). TJ asks Scotty why he's such a faggot, Scotty and Ben respond by asking TJ why he sticked a banana up his ass. They discuss anal examinations and Ben transitions it to dental visits and men having bigger hands than women. They mention they'll have to later read about WWE shows they'll miss in Europe. They then ponder what will do in Europe. TJ argues that he's an outlaw.


  • "Wild Bill is stupid" -TJ making an understatement
  • "I don't want sex on the first date or anything like that." - Da Beast lying to his audience.
  • "Ben will get it, I'm knockin' shit over." - TJ being clumsy.
  • "Would anyone like some homosexual milkshakes?" - Scoopy's last words.
  • "Brought to you by post Kellogg's Cereal." - TJ during Post-Show.
  • "It's ovaaar nine-thoousaaand!" - TJ during Post-Show after hearing what Scotty wants the viewership to be over.
  • "Watch as he makes the same imbecilic arguments you've heard a million times, but blacka." - TJ in the post-show.
  • "Mandatory heroin for schoolchildren." - Kirk - Ben 2020


  • Wild Bill is a hypocritical sack of subhuman shit
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