Chicken Eggs are a method of reproduction for Chickens and a form of food for many societies. Despite being a popular food within most cultures, eggs are in fact a deadly carcinogen. Digesting eggs results in a variety health issues. These include (but are not limited to) poisoning, radiation poisoning, cancer, AIDS and Ebola.


Scotty Kirk or the Egg Bitch (recently also the Egg Hoe), is vehemently opposed to eggs for reasons, despite his support of them in the classical epic "Eggs" where he is the lead role. He is so outspokenly against eggs, that it is theorized that Scotty was raped by eggs as a child. There has been no comment on whether or not this is true. Only person currently alive in the universe who loathes eggs even more than Scotty is an anonymous Australian YouTuber who calls himself HowToBasic.

TJ and Scotty confirmed the release of Eggs 2 and have stated that a trailer is to come soon.

Recent studies have shown that eggs are in fact good for a balanced diet, making Scotty's vegan rage against eggs all the more idiotic.

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