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"Welcome to the Drunken Peasants Podcast!"

—Ben starting off an episode of the show

The Drunken Peasants Podcast is a popular liberal-minded YouTube news and interview show, The hosts are Ben and Billy. They like to pick apart the news in a funny and entertaining way, as well as debate various guests, respond to YouTube videos, make fun of stupid ads, and answer questions asked by the community. The show has been on for a short time, but it has already collected a large following and countless inside jokes.

The peasants have had arguments with many people, including: a Christian walrus and his posse, a black guy with a corduroy fetish, a schizophrenic Canadian who "exposes evil", a deplorable piece of shit with a math degree, an attention horse, a Reptilian, a psychic/medium/shaman, a doc-dropping kangaroo, a race card-throwing garage enthusiast, and a pro-slavery black person who denies the existence of starving children.

Ben Billy-the-fridge-7 ScottyCena
Ben Billy Scotty Cena


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