"Ben... Ben... Show me your cock..." - Dead Dove trying to flirt with Ben.

Dead Dove, also known as Swedish Piece Of Shit and Swedish Chef, is a piece of shit from Sweden who is unable to talk properly.


Swedish Piece Of Shit is also rumored to be the warden of a Swedish prison. There he tends to every prisoner's heart desires. Performing oral sex on all the prisoners daily while making sure that every inmate, from rapist to murderer, lives as comfortably as possible.


Dead Dove appeared as a Patreon guest in episode 190. He occasionally made good points, but was vigorously mocked for his tone of speech.

He reappeared on episode 199 and put his seal of approval on George Carlin, validating his existence. He also claimed Gail, Patrick Coleman, and gTime Johnny should be put in a mental institution.


  • Johnny is mental? Fuck you Swedish chef!
  • He likes mems
  • He was born out of Jim Ass during his secret venture to Sweden.


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