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DaveCreator is a YouTuber, visual artist and possible crazy person. He's best known for creating the Drunken Peasant video intros and uploading the Drunken Peasants' break music directly on YouTube. His drawings have sometimes been featured in Drunken Peasants fan art contests. DaveCreator also participated in the live chat before it was closed.

In early October 2015, he allegedly betrayed the Peasants, by sending them hateful messages. This forced DP to permanently pull his intro from the show saying "We obviously don't want to use an intro made by a guy who now hates us and our show." However, in the comments section of a video entitled "I'm Still Alive", he has claimed that the comments he made were the result of stress and personal issues that have nothing to do with hating TJ or DP. According to TJ, the reason why he was upset was due to jealousy of the success of the Drunken Peasants.[1]


  • DaveCreator makes pen drawings utilizing the hatching method.
  • He's made music videos to accompany various tracks used by the Drunken Peasants.
  • DaveCreator has also made a few animation videos, all of which depict bloody violence.

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