DarkMatter2525 (real name, Jon Matter) is an Atheist cartoonist on YouTube. He is one of the most popular in the atheist community rivaling TJ's main channel in subs. His most famous character is an angel baby with a fig named Jeffrey who points out flaws in God and his nature. He managed to evade the Drunken Peasants until Episode 261 when he agreed to appear on the show in exchange for a Walmart gift card. His other channel is Darkantics. He is known to cover the face of the dark lord Muhammad in censor boxes. Many times he had Thunderf00t, Aron Ra, and, FactVsReligion in his cartoons and they seem to be on modest terms with each other. TJ has been cockteasing us with a DarkMatter2525 appearance for YEARS!

On Amazing Atheist

The Amazing Atheist has made an appearance in the Darkmatter2525 video "God Judges The Amazing Atheist".

Military Service

DarkMatter2525 is a US Army paratrooper Veteran.

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