Daniel Dalton is an american conservative YouTuber and creator of the channel StateOfDaniel (aka State Of Denial). His videos have been featured on the Drunken Peasants sometimes. TJ first made a video about him in March 2014 as a response to one of his videos about evolution, which Daniel made a response to. Creationist Cat has also made a video response to Daniel, in which Daniel was rekt.

Daniel thinks that Sarah Palin has real solutions and that should tell you something about him. He also has expressly used Pascal's Wager as evidence for the existence of God, along with several other overused arguments used by idiotic Christians.

Daniel exhibits mannerisms often associated with homosexuality. While this does not necessarily mean that he is homosexual, it does validate it as a possibility. This is especially ironic, as his favorite politician espouses homophobic philosophies.


Daniel was featured in a special mini episode of the Drunken Peasants on March 20, 2014, which was a test of their new system which allowed TJ to have a camera. The episode is featured below, in the gallery.


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