DPtopia is the by-product of the Drunken Peasants Uprising lead by DP.


The country was discussed in episode 134.


Outraged by the Great Pan Prohibition of the United States Government - and following the example of the Egyptian Revolution - the Drunken Peasants and their loyal fans united to form a revolutionary protest to storm the White House. On April 20th, 2016, the White House was overthrown and was officially made the Green House. This started the DP Calendar staring on year one ADP (after Drunken Peasants).

TJ, Scotty, Ben and Scotty Cena dissolved the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branches and replaced them with the Drunken Council of which Scotty Cena was appointed Supreme Chairman. They mainly smoke pan and ignore their duties as leaders.


The DP Militia was formed by the Peasants and officially appointed some commie to lead the charge in revolution. After the revolution, the Militia was made the official army of the entire nation.

Universal Legalization

As of year one ADP, weed was legalized throughout DPtopia with the ratification of the DP Constitution and all citizens required by law to smoke pan everyday.

Current Political Strife

The major political conflict in DPtopia is being caused by the Kenyanists, who are pushing for the national animal to be changed to a banana. The Drunken Council remains divided on the issue.


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