The Crazy People Segment is a newer segment of DP used to showcase all the online lunatics discovered by the peasants. Although this has technically been going on for a while, it has only recently become its own official segment, with an intro. Frequent "victims" of the segment include Gail Chord Schuler, G Man, The Vigilant Christian, and Brett Keane, among others.

This segment first officially premiered in Episode 149, along with its fan-made intro. In Episode 167, a new intro for the segment was unveiled and has since replaced the old one. Beginning in Episode 239, a new intro for the Crazy People Segment was broadcast. It was made by

YouTube user Daniel Latue, the creator of the original Crazy People intro.

The Crazy People of The Crazy People Segment

The following is a list of the completely mentally stable individuals featured in the original intro:

And this is a list of the unbelievably intelligent, well adjusted individual situations featured in the second and current intro (in order of appearance):

Ben has (as of late) decided not to always show the matinée. You never know when the Situation will show up. This has been particularly scary for many indavijuls.


  • The original intro was made by YouTuber and fan, Daniel Latue.[1]


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