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Cory Cooper, also known CSquared, is a subhuman piece of filth that produced the atrocity known as the Troll or Not a Troll Theme Music. He also produced Ass Banana, so he's a'ight, I guess. He primarily posts his creations on his YouTube channel or SoundCloud.

Contributions to DP

Ass Banana

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Ass Banana is a fan-made piece of music that samples Ben, TJ and Scotty.[1] It is centered around the theme of BananaGate. The song contains several references to bananas and TJ's ass. He has released an extended version of the song on SoundCloud.[2]

Troll or Not a Troll

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Much to the dismay of everyone, DP got theme music for Troll or Not a Troll. What a bunch of faggots; Troll Poll is a way better name.

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